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Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Live Well Collaborative works with industry leaders and University of Cincinnati students and faculty to form multidisciplinary design project teams. Over the course of a semester the project team uses our design thinking process, which incorporates three main steps: in-depth user focused research, ideation of products and services, and concept refinement. Live Well Collaborative’s design-led approach, delivers innovative solutions across the lifespan.

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Why Choose Us?

Live Well Collaborative provides a wide range of capabilities, from project studios to design thinking workshops to insightful think tank sessions. Each offering provides a unique and customizable experience for your organization. Our expertise and core competencies are translated through three main capabilities:

Product & Service Design

Implementing our design thinking process

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Design Education

Experiencing design thinking

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User-Centered Research

Developing user insights

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807Students Participated
55Faculty Advisors Involved
75Projects Completed


Project teams follow our design thinking process to create innovative and unique design solutions with guidance from the industry studio sponsor. Several of these solutions have become patent filings, listing both students and faculty involved as contributors. These innovative patents highlight the success of the Live Well Collaborative’s academia/industry model.

Patent US8700250B1
Airport Transportation System

Patent US20150014481A1
Rail Mounted Beverage Dispenser

Patent Application 12-1864
Configurable Table

Patent US8896456B2
Seat Location System

Patent Application 17-1295
Boeing Onboard (BO)

Patent US8806543B1
Inflight Passenger Information System

Patent Application 17-1212
Cabin Robotic

Current studios

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Medical Center

1 | Cancer Journey XV

Council on Aging

2 | Digital Mapping

UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute

3 | Optimal Patient Journey

UC Health Radiology

4 | Patient Reporting

UC Health Barrett Cancer Center

5 | Optimal Patient Journey


6 | Innovation

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