Our Story

In response to the growing need for design solutions for the baby boomer market, the University of Cincinnati (UC) and Procter and Gamble (P&G) founded Live Well Collaborative (LWC). The Live Well Collaborative was established in 2007 as a non-profit organization located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Live Well Collaborative is a new model designed to cultivate collaboration between industry and academia. The Live Well Collaborative provides a unique multidisciplinary team to its industry partners composed of students and faculty from the University of Cincinnati’s top ranking colleges.

Since its establishment, the Live Well Collaborative has successfully completed over eighty projects in a wide variety of industries, with a mission to develop breakthrough innovations for consumers across their lifespan. The Live Well Collaborative is an expert in the 50+ market and continues to expand its portfolio by partnering with healthcare institutions and travel. The Live Well Collaborative has become a design asset to the industry and consistently delivers through project success.

About Live Well Collaborative

Design Research Process

During the semester-long studio project, the multidisciplinary team uses experience from past projects to customize and tailor the design thinking process for each specific project. The design thinking framework for all projects includes three phases: design research, concept ideation, and concept refinement. The resulting design concepts delivered to industry partners are viable and economically feasible.

About Live Well Collaborative

Phase 1

During the planning stage, the project lead identifies the problem space and collaborates with the LWC on the project brief.

Phase 2, 3, 4

The research team focuses on obtaining knowledge about the topic, translates insights into concept ideas, and tests and refines concepts to meet the needs of the project sponsor.

Phase 5

The sponsor and LWC discuss potential future opportunities regarding the project results.