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Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Live Well Collaborative works with industry leaders and University of Cincinnati students and faculty to form multidisciplinary design project teams. Over 15 weeks, the project team executes a design thinking process that

involves three main steps, which include in-depth user focused research, ideation of products and services, and concept refinement. Live Well Collaborative’s design-led approach, delivers innovative solutions across the lifespan.


Harvard Business School Association of Boston hosts Industry Leaders to Convene for Grand Forum Event: “Our Aging Market: Why Business Need to Respond”

Speakers include nationally recognized UC Alum and Live Well’s VP Matthew J. Doyle, PhD. Matt will be a lead speaker in the opening event addressing how businesses are adapting to meet the needs of the aging market. Matt will also co-lead a breakout session focused on how established companies find new approaches to addressing the aging market. Matt will discuss how the Live Well, a leading edge academic-industry innovation center, has driven key insights to drive P&G’s front end innovation process.


The richness is phenomenal. The UC students are totally open in their approach and their designs have been very productive for us. It’s exceeding our expectations.

— Matt Doyle, Director and Senior Researcher in Health Care at P&G


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We offer 15-week new product and service development projects. All intellectual property developed during the project becomes the property of the project sponsor. Members have access to two studios per year, can fast track projects through the university, and all projects meet the Quality Improvement IRB requirements.


We offer focused, creative development workshop opportunities for companies both individually or collaboratively with other member companies.

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We host semiannual events in June and December that give member companies the opportunity to share knowledge and connect and develop regarding best practices.


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