Breakthrough innovation across the lifespan

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Live Well Collaborative works with industry leaders and University of Cincinnati students and faculty to form multidisciplinary design project teams. Over the semester, the project team uses a design thinking process that involves three main steps, which include in-depth user focused research, ideation of products and services, and concept refinement. Live Well Collaborative’s design-led approach, delivers innovative solutions across the lifespan.

Design Studios

Design Studios

  • Fall 2016
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
    Cancer Journey VI
    Asthma Education Redesign
    Cardiac Print and Web Design
  • P&G
    Health and Wellness Loft
    Women’s Wellness
  • Pfizer
    Osteoarthritis Research Study



Upcoming Events

  • Oct 2016 P&G Singapore Innovation Center On-Site Workshop

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