Boeing IP Filing Ceremony

On January 14th, the Live Well hosted a recognition event to honor our recent work with Boeing. Live Well celebrated our 14th IP filing with Boeing over the course of 10 years working together, which was awarded to a project that was completed in the Spring of 2019, framed around Disrupting Travel. The winning team created a concept that proposed an intermediate solution between the Business Class and Comfort Plus sections on an aircraft, which was named the Coffee House Cabin. This concept was recently named a finalist for the 2020 Crystal Cabin Awards, the industry’s academy awards of airline interiors, held in Hamburg, Germany in March.

Additionally, we honored this year’s recipient of the Landrum Brown Scholarship. Lauren Buffenbarger, MDes Candidate, received the “In the Arena” Scholarship for her exemplary work efforts and interest in aviation.

To celebrate Boeing’s IP filing, the Live Well also recognized the University of Cincinnati’s Office of Innovation with a check for $10,000.

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