A service system for managing medication for Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers

The Challenge

The team mapped out the ideal situation for the caregiver and the patient is for the patient to stay at home, instead of moving to a health care facility. The longer the patient can stay home which is possible through medication compliance, the simpler it is to keep in touch with their family and the less money is spent on healthcare. Most importantly, the dignity and independence of the patient are also maintained. The opportunity lies in developing one system solution that integrates all of the AD patients medication needs.

The Approach

Live Well team generated 3 main takeaways through the research process, 

1. Alzheimer’s Disease affects patients’ cognitive abilities. There are currently five FDA-approved medications to relieve symptoms, for example: Aricept, Exelon, Razadyne, Cognex, Namenda A review of these medications should occur every three months. 

2. Alzheimer’s Disease affects both cognitive and behavioral conditions, and can take other medications for them. The medications must be used carefully and are most effective when combined with non-drug approaches. 

3. Aside from Alzheimer’s Disease, there are other health conditions that affect elderly which require medication management. Nutrition and vitamins management is also important. Conclusion: The opportunity lies in developing one system solution that integrates all of the AD patients medication needs.

The Results

Live Well team developed the digital interface which would serve as the vehicle for direct communication between the pharmacist, doctor, caregiver and patient. All stakeholders can check online specific information about the medications and track it much closer, along with many other opportunities. Also, a mail delivery service could serve as a potential partner for the solution, as well as other businesses who can contribute to streamlining the process and delivery.

Medmail Service Medicine Management: Interactive Digital Interfaces

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