Join Us As A Volunteer



Live Well Collaborative engages with volunteers throughout the design process to develop the most effective user-centered design concepts for living well across the lifespan. Volunteers have the opportunity to share their opinions with the design team, providing the team with beneficial insights. Each eligible volunteer is compensated for his or her time on the project.

Your Commitment: Semester Project Process

Week 2: Meet and Greet

Attend a two hour session to meet our students, faculty, and other volunteers. You will receive a brief introduction to our studio topic and the goals of the design project.

WEEK 3: In-home interview

Help us discover deeper insights through conversation and observation around your lifestyle, beliefs, motivations, and priorities.

WEEK 6: Co-creation

Collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of students and faculty to create design concepts for both product and service projects.

WEEK 12: Concept feedback

Provide feedback on potential concepts to help us better refine and improve our design concepts.

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