2018 Crystal Cabin Awards – University Category

Crystal Cabin Awards 2018

Virtual Assistant: Boeing Onboard

Finalists at Crystal Cabin Awards 2018

The University of Cincinnati faculty and student team, which consists of Ming Tang, Professor of Architecture; Blake Lane, PhD in Architecture; Jack Qi, Master of Design graduate; Andrew Letourneau, Industrial Design undergraduate; and Ivan Klus, Computer Science undergraduate, worked alongside The Live Well Collaborative to develop the Virtual Assistant, Boeing Onboard, in the Spring of 2017. Boeing Onboard is a virtual assistant combined with a holographic interface which all passengers have access to onboard planes. Through augmented reality and wearable glasses, Boeing Onboard has the ability to provide passengers with valuable information, such as safety demonstrations, in-flight entertainment, and web browsing. Boeing Onboard is an in-flight concierge service connecting the passenger to all the resources and information the passenger needs for the ultimate travel experience. The Live Well Collaborative became a finalist at the 2018 Crystal Cabin Awards in Germany. 

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