Denture Care

Procter and Gamble’s Fixodent brand collaborated with Live Well to identify new product or service solutions for their oral prosthetic wearers. The multidisciplinary team mapped key themes important to consumers and developed product proposals from these areas of opportunity.

The Challenge

The team aimed to identify concepts that persuade the consumer regarding trust, confidence, and care, while also maintaining a balance between short and long term technical feasibility.

The Approach

The multi-disciplinary teams mapped key themes to understand what quality, ease of use, confidence, and cleanliness mean to consumers. In-home interviews helped determine how dentures t into consumer lifestyles.The teams created consumer debrief cards to document the denture-care journey. Inspired by the daily denture-care of consumers, students found three key opportunity areas for Fixodent: preparation, maintenance, and cleansing. Students developed product proposals from these areas.These concepts were re ned through a series of consumer validation and co-creation sessions.

The Results

Through careful observation and sensitivity to user needs, student teams were able to identify eight product solutions. Below are four examples:

Preparation: Denture Flexi-Cups
Sterile, disposable denture bath cups come pre-lined with a cleansing powder.

Maintenance: Oral Pain Relieving Treatment
This set of 12 medicated, spot relief applicators helps soothe gum pain associated with wearing dentures.

Cleansing: Click Adhesive Pen
On-the-go, discreet adhesive dispensers turn at the base to easily dispense adhesive.

Cleansing: Dispensing Pen
This pen dispenses a cleansing tablet neatly into the cleansing cup with the press of a button.

Denture Flexi-Cups
Sterile, disposable denture bath cups come pre-lined with a cleansing powder.

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