UCGNI Kick-Off

Patient Attributes

On August 29th, 2019, the Live Well Collaborative hosted the UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute (UCGNI) team to kick-off this semester’s project. During this meeting we covered who the Live Well is and what our capabilities are, as well as, an example of a UC Health Radiology project that could potentially act as a blueprint.

With so many of the UCGNI team at the table, we took a majority of the time to run activities in the hope of developing a better understanding of the scope of the project. The first activity allowed the team to brainstorm the challenges they are all facing in their respective departments or the Institute as a whole, and the Live Well team took these challenges and started to synthesize and group the different challenges to find overlap. Once all of the challenges were grouped, the UCGNI developed groups and chose a challenge to create a journey map, breaking down what resources they already had as a team, outside resources that were needed, and potential roadblocks, while trying to get to the goal state. Each team then presented their journey map to the whole group.

After completing the journey maps, the Live Well team asked the UCGNI team to describe different types of patients that they encounter. Part of this semester’s process includes the development of personas, and by having the UCGNI team develop attributes of patients, we get first hand experience and a better understanding in how to develop the personas and begin to have a conversation as to what each type of patient might encounter along their journey. No two patients are alike, so everyone will have a different experience.