How Airlines Decide What You’ll Pay To Fly Is About To Change Dramatically

A new ticket-selling technology, called New Distribution Capability (NDC)  is poised to disrupt the airline industry. This new approach is made possible by the ability to collect and analyze the unfathomably large amounts of data collected by airlines and will make it possible for airlines to provide every travel shopper a unique, customized price for any given trip. NDC will provide travelers with a simple, unique, and convenient experience by ‘bundling’ all of your travel inquiries and expenses such as airplane tickets, rental cars, and hotel stays, and present the traveler with one combined cost.  This approach will be especially helpful for users such as Loretta, who struggle to arrange trips in their old age.

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Consider This

The current system used to buy flights has been used for 90 years now. This technology could promote significant growth within the airline industry by offering a simple experience for elderly users, as well as cheaper bundles for users who are on a tight budget.