Compost Makes an Internet Community Grow

A recently developed website, called ShareWaste, is making significant strides in the compost world. The site uses a digital map to connect individuals with food scraps to nearby neighbors who have a compost system such as a heap or a bin. Users accepting compost scraps can mark their compost site on the map for others to find. Whether or not users are dealing with compost, browsing the map gives insight into a global grassroots waste management infrastructure. This app would be especially beneficial for millennial users, like Chris, who are striving to become more health conscious and environmentally aware.

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Consider This

Although it’s difficult to recycle items such as cans and plastics yourself, composting is something that can be easily done at home. Using food waste to enrich your soil benefits the earth in a number of ways including reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and decreasing methane emissions in landfills. Raising awareness about programs and apps such as ShareWaste could not only be a sustainable stride in our ecosystem but an educational experience as well. Community composting could connect communities and encourage them to take steps of their own.