Bringing Farming Back to Nature

Agroecology is a new approach which combines innovation and tradition and will significantly transform the way we grow food. Placing ecological science at the center of agriculture, this movement takes full advantage of nature’s assets, drawing from the farm itself and surrounding ecosystems. The state of Andhra Pradesh, India, home to 50 million people, is currently working to invest $200 million to convert its farmers to the agroecological pratice known as ‘zero budget natural farming’. This practice uses from-the-farm nutrients to grow crops without using the costly chemical fertilizers and pesticides that push farmers into significant debt. Not only are agroecological practices sustainable, but extremely beneficial to surrounding communities. Agroecology has the potential to feed millions of low income individuals, such as Archetype Laura, and help promote change in reducing world hunger.

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Consider This

Agroecology is the organic future of farming. Not only will this movement eliminate the amount of debt that farmers accumulate through current farming methods, but it will promote change in two of the world’s biggest global issues: world hunger and job security. Agroecology could benefit millions of people, especially those in lower socioeconomic classes.