Crisis Text Line is Using Chat Platforms to Proactively Offer Help

Nancy Lublin, CEO of Crisis Text Line, has successfully integrated AI into social platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Kik, and Messenger to find people in distress and offer assistance before the situation escalates. For instance, AI scans the conversations on Kik for language related to abuse, bullying, depression, suicide, eating disorders and other issues. A user identified as high-risk is presented with a notification that a Crisis Text Line representative is available if they want to talk. The text line has successfully expanded its reach in the last year with trained volunteer counselors fielding hundreds of thousands texts per day.

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Consider This

One in five Americans has experienced a form of mental illness as a result of various factors including genetics, physical illness or injury, and traumatic life experiences. The majority of this population does not even seek treatment for their illness because of the associated stigma. Improving mental health services in low to medium income brackets is not as costly as some may think especially with the rise in integrated AI systems such as the Crisis Text Line. This text line uses an natural, conversational approach while providing individuals to seek professional advice without experiencing costly medical bills.