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In-Flight Care and Communication

The Live Well Collaborative and the Osher-Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) collaborate once a month to conceptualize new product and service opportunities around various topics. In December 2013, the LWC staff met with 12 OLLI participants to better understand how the flight experience can be improved through in-flight communication. The two-hour session yielded insights from an ideation exercise that revealed opportunity spaces for further exploration.

Destination and Location Information

Passengers prefer destination and location information on a digital screen in front of them, with reminders from the flight crew.

Ordering Food and Drink

They desire transparency on what’s free and what will cost. Frequent flyers want smooth, effortless transactions, by entering credit information in advance and prefer to access digital screens at their leisure.

Amenities and Entertainment

Passengers want access to amenities and entertainment at their own pace, rather than hearing everything over a megaphone.

Emergency Situations

Passengers want to be alerted through multiple types of communication in emergency situations. They want to be well informed on contagious diseases, terrorism threats, medical emergencies, and plane malfunctions while traveling.

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