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Improving Work for Aging Flight Attendants



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The Opportunity
This project studio is designed to provide holistic solutions to improve the air travel experience for aging flight attendants. There is tremendous opportunity to improve the work environment for flight attendants that will not only make their jobs more ergonomic, and less stressful, but also improve the passenger’s experience by extension.

The Challenge

Flight crews are getting older. At the same time, the airline industry has the added pressure of cost savings, which has put an increased burden on flight crews, specifically flight attendants.

The Approach

Taking a user–centered approach to design solutions, the team placed themselves in the shoes of the flight attendant. Through visits to CVG airport and shadowing flight attendants on a day–in–the–life of their experience, students uncovered unique insights that could only be recognized through this qualitative approach.

The Results

After gathering insights around hospitality, health, routine, seniority, and safety, the team identified a variety of criteria each design should meet in order for the ideas to be successful solutions. They considered various factors such as: physical safety (passenger and flight attendant), improved time efficiency, effective usage of space, simplified communication, ease of access, among others.



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