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Cubes For Thought

Cubes for Thought, as part of the ring of method cards, is a design activity used to uncover consumer insights. Participants are asked to draw an opportunity card and then roll four dice that contain four inspiration topics. An example roll would contain one mentor brand, one opportunity, and two inspiration nouns. Then the participants use the opportunity and inspiration cubes to develop one cohesive solution.


Prepare a series of cards listing opportunity areas and four cubes that will be used to give ideation guidelines to consumers. Each cube should represent one of the following categories: mentor brands, opportunity spaces, and two inspiration cubes that will contain general nouns of inspiration (eg. magnets, modularity, Harry Potter, etc). One round of this game consists of a consumer choosing a random opportunity card and then rolling all four die to get four inspiration topics (one mentor brand, one opportunity space, and two inspiration nouns) that they will combine into a single solution.


Direct and indirect investigation of consumer values as well a plethora of various concept development.

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