User-Centered Research

Developing user insights

User-centered research is at the core of our design thinking process. The Collaborative has a network of experienced participants eager to fulfill any
user-centered research that your organization may need.

Think Tanks

For Product & Service Based Projects

The Collaborative conducts Think Tanks with UC’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI), to gain key strategic insights into the market. The OLLI group consists of individuals in the 50+ aging population who are continuing their education by taking college courses at the University of Cincinnati (UC). Combining the OLLI group with the Collaborative’s UC students provides a unique setting for creative thinking and promotes innovation across the life span.

During the Think Tank sessions the group participates in activities and exercises based on the needs of the service or product based project. These groups are utilized multiple times throughout the design thinking process. After each think tank, the Live Well Collaborative team collects the information, synthesizes insights, and visualizes concepts.

Insight Visualizations

Illustrating Our Findings

Through think tanks, workshops, and studios the Collaborative has accumulated a wealth of design research knowledge around different product and service

categories. We are experts in creating insight visualizations that convey information effectively for your organization.

Research Tools

That Are Fun & Informative 

Live Well Collaborative has developed process tools to promote innovation and collaborative thinking for your organization’s specific needs. The process tools

allow you to break down the barriers of conventional brainstorming and see the problem from a different perspective, which leads to creative design solutions.

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