Product and Service Design

Implementing our design thinking process

Presented business cases and design challenges are evaluated by a multidisciplinary team throughout a 15-week studio project, resulting in creation of innovative design concepts and solutions for consumers to live well across their lifespan.



The Collaborative’s unique design thinking model provides industry partners full access to multi-disciplinary resources, allowing for multi-faceted project outcomes. Each semester-long new product or service development project has its own designated design studio. The studio is key card accessible only, which ensures project confidentiality. The design studio serves as an open environment for the team to freely innovate and continue project development. The team uses the dedicated studio space to visually display research results, conduct co-creation sessions with consumers, present ideation conclusions, and show refinement of concepts. At project completion, the industry sponsor owns all design concepts and intellectual property developed during the project.



Multidisciplinary teams

Live Well Collaborative works with the University of Cincinnati to develop academic partnerships with the University’s top ranked colleges. Prior to starting each project, the Collaborative conducts a project evaluation to determine the appropriate resources needed. The projects are design-led by DAAP

(College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning) and complimented by other disciplines (business, engineering, nursing, music, medicine, social sciences, etc.) within the University, resulting in the best multidisciplinary team for each industry-sponsored project.



Project outcomes

The Collaborative recognizes that each project is different and therefore results in various deliverables and project outcomes. Through its 50 successful design project completions, the Collaborative has developed expertise in the following areas:

Consumer research
Product design
Service design
Package design
App development
Website development
2D/3D modeling
Low-med-high resolution prototyping

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