Improving the Patient Journey


Sponsor: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

October 2013

Live Well Collaborative (LWC) facilitated a two-day learning lab with 12 participants from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC). The main focus of the lab was to expose the CCHMC thought leaders to LWC’s design thinking process. The Collaborative created a project-specific game to demonstrate how patient/user centered design can influence positive healthcare outcomes. The game incorporated a superhero theme that allowed each participant to interactively learn the process, encouraging them to think differently about how to improve his or her patient’s journey. Through the game each participant was able to uncover solutions to shift the patient’s journeys from a current state to a preferred, higher-quality state. At the end of the learning lab, each participant acquired new techniques and skills that can be applied to future projects and design challenges at CCHMC.