Healthcare Applications


Sponsor: Live Well Collaborative – Singapore Polytechnic

March 2015

Live Well Collaborative – Cincinnati, visited the Singapore site and delivered two separate 1-day learning labs on Design Thinking 101. Each workshop consisted of 20 to 30 faculty and students interested in how to apply the design thinking process to the healthcare industry. After being introduced to the main concepts of design thinking, each participant received a healthcare journey map. The journey map facilitated an interactive game, allowing each person to identify an existing healthcare challenge faced by their families. Once identified, they went through the challenge and ways to improve the situation by determining current enablers and inhibitors during the process. The mind-mapping tool was also used along the journey to encourage ideation. By implementing the design thinking process, at the end of the game each participant had uncovered different areas of improvement for the families. These new skills can then be applied to future projects and healthcare situations.