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Make an impact through design

University of Cincinnati students are vital to the Collaborative’s success. The Collaborative has worked with over 500 students, each coming from different disciplines and providing different insights. This leads to unique professional experiences that help students further develop their skills. There are two main ways to become part of the Live Well Collaborative team:

Co-op Experience

Working on one of the design studio projects for the semester.

Class experience

Working on one of the studio projects and earning credit towards your degree.

Graphic Communication Design 2015

Rachel Lee

Co-op Experience
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital: iTransition 2012
Boeing: Flight Attendant Studio

“I started at Live Well Collaborative (LWC) for my first co-op, because I had and interest in research and user-centered design. Working here has provided me with a unique co-op experience, introducing me to new research methods and challenging me to design solutions for complex problems. My last three years at Live Well Collaborative have really helped me grow both as a student and as a professional designer. I find myself using LWC’s process model in my other coursework, which has provided a solid foundation for my following co-ops. The most rewarding part about working here has been getting to meet the people we’re designing for, and knowing that our solutions can have a positive impact on their health and lifestyle. ”

Rachel’s portfolio

Graphic Communication Design 2015

Ryan Fennessey

Co-op Experience
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital: Foster Care Web Design
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital: Sickle Cell Trait Awareness

“The Live Well Collaborative was my 3rd and final co-op as part of the DAAP co-op program. The two projects I was involved with were both through Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. One project helped foster youth in Hamilton County have better access to preventative healthcare and the other promoted awareness about sickle cell trait. What made this co-op a standout experience was the 5 weeks of research and interviews that had to be done in order to approach our design strategy with quality reason. This research required us to go out, connect with the community, and find out through interviews, workshops, and public events what would make our design the most receptive to our target audience. Since DAAP doesn’t focus on design research, these interviewing, presenting, and networking skills have made me a much more socially responsible designer, as well as more personable and professional. ”

Ryan’s portfolio

Master of Design 2015

Alfredo Ruiz

Graduate Assistant
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital: Product Design
P&G: Product Design
Boeing: Inflight Communication
United Healthcare: Service Design

“As a Graduate Assistant, I had the opportunity to work at Live Well Collaborative during my two years in the Master of Design program at UC. I had the chance to work on many different projects with companies such as Procter and Gamble, Boeing, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and United Healthcare. Through these projects, I collaborated with multidisciplinary teams from industrial design and user experience design to marketing and engineering. On several of these projects, I was the Team Leader, which helped me improve my design skills and build my resume. The Live Well Collaborative’s user-centered approach gives you the opportunity to talk with real consumers, analyze and draw conclusions from real research, and develop very interesting projects in a relatively short period of time. ”

Alfredo’s portfolio

MS-Marketing 2015

Rachael Rheaume

Capstone Class
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital: Product Design
Live Well Collaborative: Website Redesign

“For my Capstone, I worked as a marketing student consultant on the CCHMC studio project. At first I was nervous to start the project and join an unfamiliar team. However through our weekly meetings, I got to know the team and the LWC process. I really enjoyed seeing how the project was design-led, and how they created features through empathy interviews. As a marketing student consultant on the project, I gained real world experience in applying marketing principles. I know these acquired skills will help me achieve my future career goals. The project was also very rewarding. I knew my work was helping people, which made this experience even more valuable to me. ”

BS-Mechanical Engineering 2015

Stephen Perry

Senior Design Project
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital: Product Design

“For my Senior Design Project, I was a part of the CCHMC Device team focusing on the mechanical design. When the project was presented to our class, it immediately jumped out to me as an interesting and exciting project. After expressing interest in the project, I began to work with the project’s current team of students. Through this project I have had the chance to learn new product feature development techniques and enhance my engineering design experience through the Live Well design process. This experience also gave me the unique opportunity to work with a multidisciplinary team consisting of industrial design students, interaction design students, and marketing students. Learning how to work with other disciplines will be a very valuable tool in my career. Overall this project has given me many great opportunities, which I would not have been able to experience if I had not been a part of this project. ”

BA-Industrial Design 2016

Davida Scoggins

Co-op Experience
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital: Cancer Patient Experience I

“Problem finding and consumer empathy are two (of many) things Live Well Collaborative does really well. During my time at Live Well, I have learned how to organize, prioritize and apply gathered research. The user-centered research was used as a guide for developing concepts that I could confidently claim solved real, relevant problems. As a product loving industrial designer who’s “consumer research” usually consisted of a brief Googling session and maybe a YouTube video or two, this method definitely pulled me outside my comfort zone, and then some. It is extremely important to have a balance in understanding the whole scope of the problem you seek to solve. I can honestly say Live Well has opened my eyes to these critical skills that I plan to use throughout my career.”

Davida’s portfolio

Master of Design 2014

Luying Sun

Co-op Experience
Boeing: Product Design
Live Well: Website Redesign
Procter and Gamble: Product Design
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital: Product Design I & II

“I brought a big question with me when I came to the University of Cincinnati. How do you connect research to design? To help me answer my question, I decided to take a studio class with Live Well Collaborative. By following Live Well’s design process, my resulting design solutions were very solid. I wanted to learn more, so I started working as a co-op at Live Well. Throughout the process, I constantly switched my role from a researcher to a designer and vise versa in order to be both insightful and creative. I did this to ensure the insights from the research were the inspiration to the design. Using the same design process, I worked on projects in various industries. All my projects at Live Well helped stimulate my design excitement in a fast-paced way. Most importantly, I was even impressed by my potential of innovation.”

Luying’s portfolio

BA-Industrial Design 2016

Colin Cormier

Co-op Experience
Boeing: Product Design

“During my co-op experience at Live Well Collaborative, I was given the opportunity to lead a multidisciplinary team in a concept project for Boeing. While I was a bit unsure of how to lead a team with various backgrounds through the design process, the Live Well team and Live Well process gave me the tools and confidence to tackle this really cool project. The experience of creating real world concepts supported by field research and user validation is an irreplaceable experience in my career development.”

Colin’s portfolio

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