As a Partner

Create an opportunity for success

Current Needs and Challenges

We understand that sometimes you need outside resources to meet your company goals. Live Well Collaborative can fill the void when you are faced with the following challenges:

Your company lacks the time and resources to develop product and service solutions for living well across the lifespan.

Your team is too close to the problem, causing them to lose their creative edge.

Your previous work with an outside organization did not go as planned, due to disagreements about IP.

You have a short project timeline and need fast product and service conceptualization.

Benefits of Choosing LWC

We break down the barriers of working with Universities by providing:

• A multidisciplinary team of motivated and engaged students, with guidance from industry experts, bring a fresh innovative perspective.
• A bi-annual collaborative event for experts and other members to share consumer insights and trends.

• A compilation of user-centered research that has been acquired through multiple interactions with various target markets.
• A set of innovative concepts that are designed and ready for testing and evaluation.

• A secure environment in which all team members sign confidentiality agreements to protect your project concepts.
• An agreement that all Intellectual Property developed during a studio project belongs to the company sponsor.

How We Work


Company signs a 2-year membership agreement.


Project brief and deliverables are co-developed by the member and the Collaborative, in order to appropriately set the studio cost.


A multidisciplinary team of students and faculty are carefully selected and assigned a project and dedicated work space.


A project timeline is created for the company sponsor in order to schedule interactions with the project team throughout the semester.


Throughout the project, the team follows a customized design thinking process, which incorporates three main phases: research, ideation, and refinement.


Deliverables are provided to the sponsor at the final concept presentation.

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