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University of Cincinnati students are vital to the Collaborative’s success. The Collaborative has worked with over 1000 students, each coming from different disciplines and providing different insights. This leads to unique professional experiences that help students further develop their skills. Become part of our team as a Fellow, a Co-op, or a graduate student.


The Live Well Collaborative awards Research Fellowships annually to support participation in innovative research-based studio projects.

Throughout the last decade, the Live Well Collaborative has continued to grow and evolve. It has become a translational research center working with corporations, hospitals, and medical/healthcare researchers with a focus on products and services in health and wellness across the lifespan. The LWC focus is on short, intense research cycles consisting of one semester (14 – 16 weeks). The structure of the research teams consists of Faculty, PhD, Masters, and upper-level undergraduate students. Solutions are co-developed with integrated support from appropriate representatives from membership sponsored research projects.

The structure of the LWC is a new hybrid that integrates traditional project teams under a studio model with the structure and titles more commonly found in research labs in engineering and the sciences. This model is part of the new framework that represents the processes evolving in corporations in R&D as well as levels 3 and 4 of translational research. Both R&D and translational research models are attempting to integrate design thinking to increase scope and decrease cycle time from concept to solution.

Fellowship cycles run on academic calendars. Applications are for the 2020-2021 Academic Year and  submissions are ongoing. Select the following Research Fellowships to learn how to apply:

Live Well Fellowship

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